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M Class Intellibank

Exclusive Cash-Management Services for Your Personal Accounts

Hands-Free Banking

M Class IntelliBank is a personal cash management service that enables you to make the most of your money. It provides you with the convenience of a checking account with automatic, daily access to your savings and personal or home equity line of credit as needed.

Saves Time & Money

No more daily phone calls or visits to monitor or transfer money between accounts. With M Class IntelliBank, you know your funds are being managed in your best interest and automatically protecting you from any overdraft charges and related fees.

How it Works

With a pre-established target balance in your M Class checking account, the money you need is always available.  At the end of each business day, amounts that exceed your target balance are automatically swept into your M Class Safety Sweep Account (SSA), which offers a higher rate of return.

When funds are needed, they will be swept back into your checking account from your SSA. If your SSA is low, money will be automatically advanced from your personal or home equity line of credit. 

If your personal or home equity line of credit carries a balance, funds over your target balance will first be used to pay down your credit line before being invested back into your SSA.

MClass Intellibank has no annual fee and requires an MClass Checking, and MClass Safety Sweep Account, A Personal Reserve Account or Home Equity Line of Credit, and a completed Intellibank agreement to establish your target balance and other service preferences. Call or stop by to learn more about how MClass Intellibank can help you achieve hands-free banking.