Save. Share. Protect. Prepare.

Save on energy costs, share your passion for the environment, help protect our planet’s resources for future generations, and be prepared for power outages or grid failures with a residential solar system financed by Mercantile Bank!

A Solar Home Equity Loan1 from Mercantile is charged with these great features and more:
  • Finance up to 100% of your solar electric system, no downpayment required
  • Utility savings may cover most, or even all, of your solar loan payment2
  • Uniquely designed to allow time needed to take advantage of all available tax credits and incentives
  • Easy automatic loan payments from your deposit account
Best Eco-Friendly/Green Business Winner Seal

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1. This Solar Home Equity (HE) Loan offer is subject to credit approval. The Solar HE loan program is available to customers who finance the costs to purchase and install a solar electric system, have a Mercantile deposit account, and agree to apply for all available federal, state, and local tax credits and incentives (consult with your tax advisor). The Solar HE Loan program is applicable to primary residential properties with roofs no more than five (5) years old. Solar electric system must be installed by a qualified contractor. Amount financed is not to exceed 100% of the initial costs of a solar electric system including equipment and installation. Borrowers may be asked to pay other third-party fees associated with the Solar HE loan. A Solar HE Loan consists of an interim drawdown financing period used to finance the initial purchase and installation costs of a solar electric system and allow for tax credit(s) receipt. Interest payments are due during the interim drawdown financing period. After the interim financing concludes, the Solar HE loan automatically converts to a term loan structure with the rate adjusting every five years thereafter. Visit with a UCB Energy Loan Specialist for additional terms and complete details. 2. Any utility savings referenced are estimates only and your actual savings may differ.