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Why Choosing a Local Community Bank Matters

When choosing a bank today, you have many choices. There are more than 9,000 federally insured banks and credit unions of all sizes in the United States, and this does not include the multitudes of additional financial technology and lending companies that also provide financial services.  With so much to choose from how do you decide?

It’s actually pretty easy to decide once you consider the facts and benefits of choosing a community bank!  According to numerous consumer preference studies conducted throughout the years, two primary reasons continue to top the list for most consumers when choosing a bank: fees and accessibility.  Community banks have a long history of fewer and lower fees, and while there was a time many years ago when large, national banks had accessibility advantages – more locations, more ATMs, more robust online offerings; in recent years, community banks have narrowed the gap considerably, and have also proven that bigger isn’t always better. 

Community Banks Have Leveled the Playing Field and Take the Lead in Service

Today, community banks offer nearly all the same financial products and robust digital services offered by the big banks, and in many cases are even more agile and innovative in customizing solutions. In addition, according to national data, community banks continue to charge substantially fewer and smaller fees. Community banks have also expanded ATM access with both propriety and surcharge-free cooperative networks. Likewise, customer satisfaction rates with community banks tend to be notably higher than with large banks.

Most importantly, community banks are in your community and are comprised of your friends and neighbors - people you know and can go to with questions and for help with all your financial needs. Community bankers provide better and more personalized service, are empowered to make local decisions, and are accountable to our communities.

Community Banks Are Good Stewards and Responsible Corporate Citizens

Community banks not only give back to our communities through investments, loans, and generous charitable support, but unlike credit unions, we also pay taxes, just like you. Community banks understand the important role taxes play in supporting vital federal, state, and local government programs, services, and infrastructure that our communities depend on for support and growth.

The money deposited at community banks goes right back into the communities we serve in the form of loans to encourage home ownership, small business growth, agribusiness expansion, and corporate and community investment opportunities. Together, these efforts support local jobs, improve local health and humanitarian services, ensure arts and entertainment opportunities, preserve our local histories and culture, and so much more – all with one goal in mind: making our communities the very best places to live, work and raise our families!

More than Just a Bank

Community banks like your United Community Banks offer so much more than just checking and savings accounts.  While these remain important foundations for all bank relationships, our UCB Banks offer a full line of FDIC-insured deposit accounts, loans for your personal, auto and home financing needs; cash management and financing solutions to businesses of all types and sizes; investment and trust services to build, protect, and manage your wealth; insurance policies for you, your family, and your business; and more.  Whatever financial needs you have, we have solutions to meet your needs and service to exceed your expectations. 

We are proud to be a community bank, your community bank!  So when it comes to choosing a bank or considering financial services from other non-local companies, we hope you choose a United Community Bank!  Your United Community Banks are continually voted Best Bank and more by our communities. In addition, we are repeatedly rated 5-stars by Bauer Financial, ranking us amongst the nations safest and strongest banks. We are also recognized by Newsweek as one of Americas Best Regional Banks in 2024!  And while we are very proud of each of these awards and top rankings, we are most proud to serve our customers and communities.  If you already bank with us, we are incredibly grateful for choosing us to be your bank, and if you don’t bank with us yet, we invite you learn more and to experience the United Community Bank difference!